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Contents >> Engineering Mathematics >> Hydraulic Systems >> Synthesis of Hydraulic Circuits >> Introduction

Synthesis of hydraulic circuits - Introduction


One of the basic directions of automation of design works at designing systems of a volumetric hydraulic drive is creation algorithmic and the software providing construction of basic both principal and simplified hydraulic circuits and their display on special graphic devices. With this purpose it is necessary on a basis of existing software packages for designing and graphic editors to develop the specialized graphic program (version) oriented to drawing up and editing of hydraulic circuits in a dialogue mode which basic functions are the following:

1) creation and the further updating of library of standard graphic symbols of hydraulic elements;

2) creation and the further updating of library of additional graphic symbols of hydraulic elements;

3) creation new and updating of old (ready) hydraulic circuits;

4) display (drawing) of hydraulic circuits to special graphic devices in the demanded scale.


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