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Dynamic synthesis of hydraulic devices - Algorithm of dynamic synthesis of throttle brake device of hydro cylinder

Algorithm of dynamic synthesis of throttle brake device of hydro cylinder

Thus, the law of piston movement at the braking, defined by the equations (9), (10), (12), (13) and satisfying to boundary conditions (2), (11), is planned and all necessary parameters of the movement law are defined:

So, the algorithm of dynamic synthesis of the throttle brake device characteristic is reduced to consecutive performance of following actions.

  1. As much as possible admissible pressure in a brake cavity of the hydro cylinder before a throttle is appointed. 

  2. From the formula (6) a minimally possible acceleration is calculated. If at given   and other parameters of the hydro cylinder (geometry, reduced mass and loading) will appear, that it is necessary to return to p. 1 and to enter corresponding corrective amendments for performance of a condition as differently braking of the piston is impossible.

  3. In view of boundary conditions (2), (11) from the equations (9), (10), (12), (13), (16) the law of piston movement during braking is planned. 

  4. Substitutionin the formula (7) in view ofwe receive dependence in function of time which in view of in the parametrical form (8) gives the required characteristic.

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